Seedsong Collective Garden – Join us!

Burlington, April to October, 2hrs/week of hands-on garden work in exchange for seasonal harvests, and a community of gardeners to grow alongside.

“I LOVE collective gardening! It makes so much sense! I think it works a lot better than having a box plot, which I’m now realizing kind of defeats the whole “community” element of a community garden. I really enjoyed sharing time, space, and food with other humans.”

Seedsong is a collective market garden where shared access to land and resources, intensive growing techniques, and a mentorship program empower people to grow a lot of food on a small plot of land.  A wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and small fruits are grown by and for garden members. The Vermont Garden Network oversees aspects of garden management such as sourcing materials, guiding the planting calendar, coordinating work days, and mentoring members so that they can focus on growing nourishing food for themselves and their community.

For detailed information on Garden Membership for the 2023 season, please visit the Seedsong homepage or email Carolina – carolina(at)

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