Seed Bundle Donations

UPDATED AS OF MARCH 9: We have wrapped up seed mailings for the year!  We mailed out 200 bundles, totaling over 6,000 seed packets (we often add in extra packets in each bundle!).  Phew, that is a lot of seeds!  Envisioning all those seeds turning into food, medicine, and fresh bouquets gives us hope for the season ahead.

  We anticipate repeating our annual seed bundle donation every year, so keep in touch to receive news of donations in 2024.  (Best way to keep in touch is by following us on Instagram!).

Thanks to the generosity of High Mowing Seeds, Gardener’s Supply, and Red Wagon Plants, we are able to share a bounty of donated seed packets to gardeners around the state.   

Seed packets can only be commercially sold for one growing season. However, seed germination viability for most vegetables is on average 3-5 years! We’ve gathered hundreds of surplus seed packets from the 2021 and 2022 growing seasons, we properly store them through the fall/winter, and eventually bundle them up and mail them out to gardeners all around Vermont.  

Each request will receive a bundle of 30 vegetable, herb and flower seed packs. In each bundle, we include 20 vegetable seed packets and a mix of 10 “other” seed packets that include a variety of herbs, flowers, and microgreens.

Many seed packets are organic, some are conventional. We do our best to select a generous, exciting, and diverse variety of seed packets for all donation bundles!

We will begin mailing seed donation bundles on December 1 and continue until March 31, or as supplies last.  — UPDATED AS OF MARCH 9 — our supplies have ended!  

A $10 shipping and handling charge will apply. 



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