Garden Directory

Vermont is home to a strong network of community-based gardens!

We are excited to share our new and improved Garden Directory! The directory is here to help you connect with a garden in your area so you may volunteer, find a plot for the growing season, and/or connect with other garden-scale growers. Each garden listed in our directory has a way for the public to get involved. The directory is split into three main garden types: 







How to add or edit your garden to the directory 

To add or edit an existing garden to the directory please fill out this form.

How to navigate the interactive map below

To find a garden closest to you, hover your curser over the map, zoom in to the area you are searching in and click on the icon. By clicking on the icon you will see information for the garden such as the garden name/address, contact info, and how to get involved.

To search for a specific garden, click on the far right icon on the map to enlarge the map to full screen. Once you are in full screen mode, you are able to search for your garden or location in the search bar at the top left of the page. 

To search for the full list of gardens (organized by category), click on the far left icon on the map. From the drop down menu, you are able to click on a garden name and view the associated information as well as its location on the map.

If you are having any trouble navigating the map please email angela (at) Have fun exploring the many gardens across our state! 

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