VGN offers garden workshops on varying topics throughout the season.  The best way to keep in touch and hear about workshops as soon as they are announced is by following us on Instagram (@vtgardens) and by signing up for our monthly newsletter (scroll down to the footer of this webpage to join our mailing list).

If you are interested in nutrition education workshops, check out our Mobile Classroom webpage to learn about scheduling a visit from our Veducator van.

We are thrilled to announce another Garden Like A Farmer Workshop Series!  

The 2024 edition of the Garden Like a Farmer Workshop Series will offer techniques, tips and tools for small-scale gardeners to mitigate and adapt to climate change through nature-based solutions. Workshops take place at farms and community gardens around Burlington. We’ve partnered with the Intervale Center to organize the series and we are pleased to offer these workshops FREE and open to everyone, made possible by the Conservation Legacy Fund. Registration is necessary to reserve a spot and receive confirmation of the exact meeting location.

Keep an eye on this webpage and our Instagram (@vtgardens) to hear workshop announcements throughout the growing season.



Seed Starting Climate Resilient Varieties – Register here

April 11 / 5-6:30pm

In this workshop, we will go over the strategies you can take for starting seeds like a farmer. We will cover choosing soil mediums, containers, managing water & light, and taking care of your baby plants before they head to the garden. We will also be discussing varieties that have a better resilience for a changing climate. Feel free to bring all your seeding and climate resilient related questions!

Workshop facilitated by Nathan Lake. Location: Intervale


Low and No-Till Garden Prep – Register here

April 24 / 5-6:30pm

During this workshop we’ll explore soil health by showcasing some of our favorite techniques and tools for preparing garden beds: cover crops, tarps, broadforks and tilthers. We’ll begin with an overview of cover cropping for small-scale growers, including recommendations for seeding in spring and summer. Participants will appreciate the benefits of tarping to terminate cover crops and reduce weed pressure in a low or no-till garden. And then we’ll focus on garden bed prep by learning how to use a broadfork and a favorite tool for market gardeners: the tilther! This drill-powered tool works the top two inches of soil, incorporating compost and amendments into a perfectly groomed bed. If you’ve been daydreaming about simplifying your bed prep routine while still honoring soil health as the foundation of a resilient garden, this workshop is for you!

Workshop facilitated by Carolina Lukac.  Location: Intervale.


Pests in a Changing Climate – Register here

May 15 / 5-6:30pm

In the face of climate change, small-scale growers face unique challenges in maintaining productive and resilient gardens. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offers a scalable and adaptable approach for navigating these challenges. In this workshop, we’ll delve into selecting and applying low-tech IPM tactics specifically geared towards climate resiliency. We will focus on some of the most prevalent vegetable pests, including flea beetles, leaf miner, Colorado potato beetle, cucumber beetle, swede midge, and leek moth. Come prepared to share your own experience managing pests in your garden.

Workshop facilitated by Victor Izzo.  Location: New North End.

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