Garden Directory

Vermont is home to a network of nearly 600 community-based gardens!
This includes gardens in neighborhoods, housing communities, parks, at schools, workplaces, service centers, and throughout our communities, providing space for Vermonters to grow their own food, gather with their neighbors, learn about gardening and cooking with fresh produce, and spend time outdoors.

Use the Garden Directory to locate a garden in your area, to connect with fellow gardening groups, to find a plot for the growing season (search under the Advanced Search: “Plots for public use”), or to generally learn more about our network of gardens. Once you’ve located a garden you want to connect with, reach out to libby (at) for contact information, if needed.

If you *don’t see your garden in our directory or need to update your info please fill out this brief survey.

*If you can’t find your garden in the basic search, please click the Advanced Search option and narrow your search by city/town, county or another identifier, in case your garden is listed under a different name.

Questions? Email: libby (at) Thank you!

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