Share the Work

Monthly Garden Tasks

Community-based garden organizing is a year-round job.  Here are some sample monthly task lists–use these as inspiration to create your own timeline.


Community-based gardens wouldn’t exist without volunteers–whether they’re in the form of site coordinators volunteering their leadership, gardeners volunteering hours to community work, students and teachers volunteering their time in the garden, or community volunteers recruited to support maintenance.

Youth Engagement

How do you get children and youth engaged in the garden? What roles can they play? The answers to these questions are in some ways developmental in nature, but also related to the unique individuals you are inviting to join your garden. Most importantly: ask and involve. Ask what interests them and involve them in as many aspects of the garden as possible, including decision-making.

  • An excellent article Effective Youth Engagement, from Cornell Garden-Based Learning, plus related resources such as Hart’s Ladder of Youth Participation, Considering Age Appropriate Activities, and more
  • Got Veggies? ECE Edition, by Community GroundWorks / Wisconsin School Garden Network, for Early Care Educators
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