Our Statewide Network

Have you ever wondered about the Network in Vermont Community Garden Network?

The Network is a patchwork of more than 500 community-based gardens extending across the state:

  • Town, neighborhood, and housing community gardens, providing space for residents to grow their own and gather with neighbors;
  • Teaching gardens at schools, early care centers, universities, and community spaces, growing new gardeners;
  • Gardens based at work – at local businesses, area non-profits, and regional corporations – supporting employee wellness; and
  • Donation gardens, supplying fresh produce to local hunger-relief agencies.

These gardens, in many cases are community hubs, hosting public workshops, outdoor classroom space, youth and adult programs, summer lunch sites, community celebrations, and much more.

The Network we serve includes tens of thousands of engaged citizens:

According to a recent survey of our Network, the average estimated monetary value of the food produced in an individual garden over the course of the season is $355! This food mostly goes home with gardeners to supplement grocery bills and add fresh produce to their diets, and also is included in school meals and tastings, gets shared with neighbors and donated to local food shelves.
  • Beginner and seasoned gardeners, growing food to feed themselves, their families, and share with hungry neighbors;
  • Neighborhood organizers and municipal leaders, providing space for communities to gather;
  • Whole school communities – staff, students and parents – strengthening the connection between what we eat and where it comes from; and
  • Community educators and service providers, facilitating outdoor learning and skills-building.

…All going above and beyond their call of duty and many volunteering their time to see to the successful growth of gardens and the communities they support.

THANK YOU to the many people who support your communities and our state by giving your time, energy and passion to growing community-based gardens!

  • Learn more about the Network by visiting our Garden Directory.
  • Get a snapshot of the amazing leaders who make these gardens possible by checking our our visual storytelling project, Leaders for a New Season.
  • Read about the impact of VCGN programs, activities, and partnerships in our 2017 Programs Impact Report.
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