Seed Saving & Garlic Planting

Join us for our last hands-on workshop of the season!  Free!  At the Intervale!

Seed Saving & Garlic Planting – Thursday, October 5, 5-6:30pm –

Join us to learn about two end-of-season practices we are passionate about – saving seeds and planting garlic!  We will reflect on the beauty and abundance of seeds as we learn tips and techniques for seed saving in a small-scale garden. Differentiating between dry and wet seeds, considering cross-pollination, threshing and winnowing, drying and storing seeds will all be explored through hands-on demonstrations.

Saving garlic seed and setting yourself up for success growing this beloved crop will also be part of this workshop.  We will discuss types of garlic, fertility needs, spacing requirements and cultivation tips for planting garlic now and harvesting abundance next summer.  In celebration of this last workshop in the Garden Like a Farmer series, we will have garlic seed and this season’s surplus seed packets to share with participants.

This workshop will take place at the Seedsong Collective Garden, at the Intervale.  Meeting location details will be sent to all registered participants – please sign up!

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