Toolshed Tips: Season Wrap-up Report

By Libby Weiland

Your November Tip: While it’s still fresh on your mind, take the time to pull together reflections on the garden season and ideas for the future.  A season wrap-up report will provide you with record of what happened in your garden, fodder for funders and other supporters, ready-to-go promotional content, and a list of next steps for planning this winter.

  1. Document what happened. Summarize the season’s highlights and provide an overall snapshot of the garden, including details like amount of growing space at your garden and participation numbers.  Pick this year’s best photos to help tell the story.  Get a greater variety of photos and perspectives by putting on a “season’s favorite” photo contest among gardeners and volunteers.
  2. Share how it went; its impact. This is the time when you will thank yourself for the surveys and feedback you requested from gardeners earlier in the season.  Glean quotes and anecdotes.  If you don’t have what you’re looking for, ask gardeners to submit a “favorite garden memory” along with their photo.  Include numbers where possible, such as “24 out of 30 gardeners said that the community garden allows them to grow enough food to meet their household needs.”
  3. Determine priorities for next year, based on assessment, feedback, and feasibility. This should come as a result of conversations with your garden team.  Set recommendations for next year to help set you up for budget development, fundraising decisions, and action planning for next year.  For more on next steps, including action planning and budgeting, see our

Congratulations on a great garden season!

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