Green Thumbs At Work

Support employee wellbeing:
Start a workplace garden!

The Green Thumbs at Work workplace garden program provides a means of physical activity and stress reduction, increases access to fresh produce, and promotes opportunities for other wellness activities.

What can YOU do?

  • Learn about the benefits of workplace gardens and how to get started.
  • Get inspired by other workplace garden projects.
  • Contact VCGN about our garden support services.

Garden Support Services for Companies & Organizations

Who’s eligible?
Green Thumbs at Work garden support services are available for companies and organizations of all sizes that want to establish a workplace food garden for their employees as well as those looking to strengthen their existing workplace garden program.

What’s included?
A menu of services are available based on your company or organization’s unique needs and stage of garden development. We are excited to be working with Vermont Public Radio and WCAX-TV Gardening Expert Charlie Nardozzi to provide some of the following support services. All participating groups receive ongoing email/phone support as well as seasonal gardening tips from our staff. Each group can select from the following menu of services, noting that a basic package is required for all new garden projects.

  • Basic New Garden Package
    • Planning with staff – to discuss the goals of your project, best practices for garden development and employee engagement, and to conduct a garden site assessment. (through remote support and in-person meeting)
    • Summer site visit – to provide advice and resources to address both gardening and employee engagement questions.
  • Garden opening day – in-person support to assist with building and/or planting projects and answer employee questions about planting and tending.
  • Garden design or redesign – work with you to develop a plan that will work best for your site, meet the needs of your employees, and enhance your property.
  • Workshops – choose from a variety of ‘lunch-and-learn’ topics such as pests, soil health, preserving the harvest, and more. We typically hold workshops monthly, June-September.

Additional services can be added as needed. Material costs for starting a garden are not included. Estimated material costs for starting up a garden at your workplace can be found here: Sample budget for small garden with shared raised beds and sample budget for large garden with individually tended plots.

Interested? Questions? Email: libby (at)

Not sure if you’re ready yet? Here are some things to consider before you get started.

Workplace Gardens Video Series

Want to start a garden at your workplace? Watch our three-part video series to hear from employees about their experience with their own workplace gardens, advice for getting started and encouraging staff involvement. Gather rationale for selling your project to decision-makers in your business or organization and get inspired!

More Resources for Workplace Garden Groups:

Charlie Nardozzi giving a hands-on demo on ‘thinning’ to ARIS Solutions employee gardeners during their summer site visit

Charlie Nardozzi giving a hands-on demo on ‘thinning’ to ARIS Solutions employee gardeners during their summer site visit

In the words of Green Thumbs at Work participants:

“I would recommend this for every business. It creates a team atmosphere. And everyone enjoys watching this grow and flourish.”
Lorie Ballard, Castleton Family Health, Bomoseen, 2017 Green Thumbs at Work participant

“We wanted people to have a reason to get away from their desks and enjoy the sunshine. We also wanted people to bond across teams, as we often only work with our own small group of teammates. It was a huge success on both counts!”
Jennifer Michelle, Open Tempo, Williston, 2015 Green Thumbs at Work participant

“I’m eating healthier, I’m getting out and getting some exercise I wouldn’t normally get and it has brought something very positive to my life…the impact of your gardening program goes far beyond the businesses you have helped get started. Without this program, I truly doubt I would have ever even thought about giving it a try, and now it is a major focus of my summer.”
– Susan Golden, Washington Electric Co-op, East Montpelier, 2015 Green thumbs at Work participant

Upper Valley Food Co-op employees Crystal Mondos and Chris Jacobson take a garden break. (Photo courtesy of Upper Valley Food Co-op)

Upper Valley Food Co-op employees Crystal Mondor and Chris Jacobson take a garden break. (Photo courtesy of Upper Valley Food Co-op)

The biggest success of the season was:

“Having fresh veggies that the employees could use at lunch during the day or take some home.”
– Joe Peters, TJ Mold and Tool, St. Johnsbury, 2014 Green Thumbs at Work participant

“Sparking conversations around healthier/clean eating with employees that previously were not interested in the wellness program.”
Holly Zelenkewich, Milton CAT, Richmond, 2015 Green Thumbs at Work participant

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