Limited spaces still available to grow your own!

Registration for the 2020 Community Teaching Garden is still open, however as of 3/24, we only have 3 more spaces available. We are committed to running the CTG Course by creatively adapting to social distancing restrictions that may still be in place in May.  We might gather virtually on Zoom for the first couple of […]

Community Teaching Garden Alumni Story Project, Part III: Gardening for Life

“One of the things I really appreciated about [the Community Teaching Garden] was the accountability…”  For Meredith Evans, those first years of meeting regularly in the garden built a whole new set of life-long skills, a commitment to gardening, and a love for the act of growing.  Meredith and fellow CTG graduates, Beth Wood and […]

Community Teaching Garden Alumni Story Project, Part II: New Direction

“While it was five years ago that John Peckham took the Community Teaching Garden class through the Vermont Community Garden Network, he speaks about the unforgettable experience that helped fuel lifestyle changes and the direction of his life.” John Peckham – Community Teaching Garden Alumnus, 2008 Written by Erin Anderson, 2013 Community Teaching Garden Intern […]

Community Teaching Garden Alumni Story Project, Part I: Equal Parts Garden and Community

“For Lange, the garden meant fresh food to fuel his love for cooking, and a new community with people who shared a new identity at the Community Teaching Garden.” Mike Lange, associate professor at Champlain College, now manages the Champlain College Community Garden where he carries on the value of promoting “equal parts garden and […]

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