Sowing Seed Libraries Into Our Community Fabric

We’ve all seen the role that gardens have played over these past two seasons–lifting us up in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of a global pandemic, a changing climate, and a time of great social upheaval. And central to that story is the seed. Seeds–these tiny kernels of life–bring forth abundance in a […]

Community Garden Irrigation

Water is always at the top of a gardener’s list of concerns, but with drought and heat unusual to Vermont’s gardening season the question of how to get enough water to thirsty plants has been particularly salient. Old systems that gardens put up with in milder years are no longer cutting it. Community gardeners have […]

Giving Gardens: How to Recruit & Retain Volunteers

by Gordon Clark, Coordinator, Vermont Victory Gardens We know as individual gardeners how hard it can be to find time to tend our garden plots. What does it take to get people to give their time to tend giving gardens – where they are growing food for someone else, specifically people in need? I asked […]

School Gardens in the Summer

“What happens to all these lovely school gardens in the most bountiful months of the summer, when school is out and there is no one to tend them?” Kathleen Kesson poses this often-asked question in an excellent article found in Seven Days Kids. Experience tells us that the answer boils down to two areas: 1) […]

Looking for resources for your garden?

We finally have what our Network has been asking for: a list of the places gardeners in our Network frequent and the people they turn to to help make their garden grow each season. A big thanks to all who’ve contributed to this growing list! Click here to get ideas for where to find resources […]

Honoring Seeds & Their Stories

Seed swapping has long served as a way to not only gather the seeds you need for the coming season, but more significantly as a way to share and preserve culture. When we share and plant each other’s seeds we honor the food and the grower and bring their stories to life. Even in these […]

COVID-19 Guidelines & Resources for Safe Community Gardening

Stay up-to-date on the latest resources and news regarding the COVID-19 virus by visiting VCGN’s Facebook page and/or joining our Facebook group. Check out the following guidelines and scroll to the bottom of this page for more resources to help you navigate this challenging time. These guidelines are based on current information we have on […]

Toolshed Tips: Bringing Your Classroom Outdoors

This challenging return to the school year brings inevitable worries for everyone involved–students, parents, teachers, administrators. In the world of outdoor education and garden learning we see an incredible opportunity to bring learning outside not only to address social distancing, but also give students the rich experience of learning from the outdoor world. However, to […]

Seeds for Gardens

Request your bundle of hope and possibility today!

Toolshed Tips: Support Your Resolutions–Garden at Work!

This is the time of year for recommitting to health goals, making new habits, and embarking on new endeavors to raise the quality of our lives and the lives of our neighbors. As we work to keep our resolutions, it behooves us to ask ourselves: What tools can help us meet your our goals? Maybe […]

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