Toolshed Tips: Late Season Garden Connections

If you are steeped in the world of gardening you know that the needs and benefits of our gardens continue well beyond the heat of the summer months. Therefore it is our job to spread the good news that–it’s not over yet! Not only are there still plenty of tasks to complete, but also loads […]

Toolshed Tips: All About Signs!

All About Signs! By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator Presenting…the long awaited Toolshed Tips…(wait for it)…on GARDEN SIGNAGE! Okay, you may be rolling your eyes right now or perhaps you’re just as excited as I am, but either way I think you’ll find something useful in this month’s tips and accompanying garden signage examples. Why […]

Toolshed Tips: Building Accessible Gardens

Building Accessible Gardens By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator It’s time to spruce up your garden—assess the damage of the winter on beds, pathways and other garden infrastructure, and get things in good shape for the growing season! As you’re replacing beds and re-establishing pathways, this is an excellent time to ask yourselves: “Is our […]

Toolshed Tips: Organizing Your Spring Garden Workday

Organizing Your Spring Garden Workday Spring is a great time to organize a work day for your garden–complete projects that take many hands or special skills and get your garden ready for the season! This is also a great opportunity to gather volunteers that may want to support your project through the summer months. Planning […]

Toolshed Tips: Garden Planning: What will you plant?

Garden Planning: How will you decide what to grow in your garden this season? By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator On an individual level, gardeners get to planning their gardens based on… what grew well last year (and consequently what didn’t); what you love to eat (and actually use); what you find beautiful; new-to-you varieties […]

Toolshed Tips: Authentic Volunteer Engagement

Authentic Volunteer Engagement By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator Have you ever volunteered before? Picture your least favorite volunteering memory. What was it about the experience that didn’t work for you? What would you have changed or wanted more of? Now, picture your most favorite volunteering memory. What was it about the experience that worked […]

Starting a Garden Project: On a Budget

When building your budget for starting a community garden–or really any garden project for that matter–take a moment to consider some creative and engaging routes for seeking materials and support. Double the Value: donated materials and in-kind support Not to underestimate the value of actual funds to support your project, but engaging your community by […]

Gardening on a Budget

Growing your own veggies is a great way to cut costs on your food budget.  But there’s more you can do to reduce the costs even further.  We’ve gathered tips and strategies that can benefit you during your growing season, to make gardening a lot more fun with fewer worries. Plan Ahead Connect with UVM […]

39th Annual ACGA Conference – Atlanta, Georgia

By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator This year I had the privilege to participate in the 39th Annual American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) Conference held in ACGA’s home city, Atlanta, Georgia. I’m not sure it gets much better than southern gardener hospitality. A wonderfully diverse and dynamic gathering of people–all working to make essential change […]

Tools for Garden Leaders

As you head into your season we want to remind you of all the tools and tips at your fingertips–right here on the VCGN website! Need some gardening advice? Check out our NEW Growing in the Garden page for a list of VCGN staff picks for go-to gardening websites, guides, books, articles and more. Looking […]

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